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While most massage therapy can make you feel better and address "knots", Orthopedic massage addresses pain more holistically getting at the root cause of complex pain patterns, rather than just addressing symptoms.  When some muscles, tendons, ligaments or fascia is unhealthy, joints and nerves do not get the support they need pain, arthritis and serious conditions result.  Orthopedic massage involves a thorough assessment to see what muscles are tight, which are weak and inhibited and which need strengthening or stretching.  The goal is to restore these soft tissues and restore freedom and pain-free movement so that you can resume an active healthy lifestyle.  Sessions include:

  • Advanced Therapeutic (Deep Tissue) Massage - Myofascial, Trigger Point, Neuromuscular Therapy plus Swedish and Thai Massage techniques are intuitively applied with postural re-alignment in mind.
  • Relaxation Massage - relaxation techniques are blended into your therapeutic session, or you can request a pure relaxation massage.  I listen carefully to your requests and adjust pressure by "tuning in" to your body.
  • A thorough Soft Tissue Assessment & Postural evaluation - visual alignment and range of motion or strength tests can be performed to check soft tissue health, muscle imbalances and posture in order to create an effective treatment strategy and aftercare maintenance plan.  
  • BioMat Far-infrared therapy - for enhanced relaxation and to relax and soften tense and knotted tissue.
  • Post session stretching and home care consultation - I take you through stretches and provide tips or answer questions about pain management, corrective fitness, injury prevention, nutritional support, complementary therapy and general self care.

 An estimated 80% or more of pain, tension and nerve impingement is due to muscle imbalances or unhealthy soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia).  When some muscles get overused or stressed, others get weak. This results in tension, trigger points, misaligned and overstressed joints, herniated discs and sometimes loss of strength, tingling or numbness. I treat and can help you prevent unhealthy soft tissue and conditions like:

       *  Arthritis

       *  Back pain

       *  Bursitis

       *  Bone spurs

       *  Carpel Tunnel Syndrome   

       *  Disc herniation (bulging disc)

       *  Degenerative Disc disease

       *  Frozen shoulder

       *  IT Band Syndrome

       *  Knee pain

       *  Migraine headaches

       *  Neck/shoulder pain

       *  Plantar Fasciitis

       *  Rotator Cuff injury  

       *  Tendonitis

       *  Tennis Elbow

       *  TMJ (jaw pain, tinnitus)

       *  Sciatica / hip or gluteal pain

       *  Whiplash


About Katrina Koller 


Katrina Koller is a clinically trained massage therapist focused on Orthopedic Massage and mind-body awareness.  A student of bodywork for nearly a decade, Katrina has drawn much of her deeper knowledge of massage and bodywork through personal experiences with injuries and working alongside Physical Therapists, Sports Medicine professionals and alternative care practitioners here in the US and abroad.  Her initial interest in setting up a private practice in Minnesota stemmed from her frustration in finding advanced massage therapists in the Twin Cities. Having resided in Europe where massage therapists and alternative care providers are better integrated into the medical system, Koller is passionate about bringing new ideas and tools into her treatment room to empower and inspire her clients to reduce stress, resume their active lifestyles and gain new-found freedom in their bodies. Some specialties include treating complicated neck and shoulder conditions, complicated chronic and acute low back pain, migraine headaches, repetitive stress injuries from desk work, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica, Tennis Elbow, nerve impingement and recovery from herniated discs (bulging discs).   

Techniques and Style

Orthopedic massage approaches soft tissue and pain patterns (muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia) holistically to address root causes of pain or discomfort rather than just symptoms.  It combines client education and self care so to restore, rehabilitate and retrain muscles and tissue to "fire" appropriately so that clients can resume their active lifestyles with more freedom.

Injury, stress, trauma and overuse of muscle groups can cause some muscles to be stronger while others become weak and inhibited.  The goal of orthopedic massage is to restore and repair weak and inhibited muscles (knotted or adhered tissue) and to give clients home care tips and to educate clients on which muscles to stretch and which to strengthen.  This results in a long term results such as improved posture, improved athletic performance and improved sleep.  Katrina works closely with clients to uncover complex, acute or chronic pain or tension patterns helping them to avoid medications and surgery, recover from an injury/surgery, become more active, improve athletic performance or simply recharge from the daily stresses of life.  

Training and Background 

Certified in Rehabilitative and Therapeutic massage through Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota, Katrina served as an intern at Regions Hospital in St. Paul and at Pillsbury Health Clinic in Minneapolis.  She holds certifications in Health and Wellness Coaching, Integrative Health and Wellness, Personal Training, Massage for the Geriatric and Medically Frail Population, and Advanced Holistic Fitness.  She completely extensive coursework in Orthopedic Massage (also known as Integrated Manual Therapy) and has plans to certify nationally in Advanced Massage through NCBTMB. Other training includes Myofascial Release, Energetic Healing modalities, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Soft Tissue Release (British Sports Therapy), Thai Massage and Reflexology.

Having recovered from serious traumatic and chronic injuries herself including two herniated (bulging) discs and multiple auto injuries, Katrina understands the process of healing and has been able to avoid surgery against challenging odds. Drawing from this experience and teaming with top health care professionals, she's gained a deeper understanding of chronic and acute pain cycles and how to combine soft tissue therapy (massage and structural bodywork) with conventional medical or alternative health care to support the individual needs of her clients. 

Contact Me

Katrina Koller @ 612-618-7724

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