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Therapeutic Massage and "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome"

Posted by Katrina Koller on January 20, 2012 at 12:15 AM

One of the many symptoms we see regularly as therapists is known as "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome". It is pervasive in our modern computer driven data-entry world and is a subset of what is known as RSS or repetitive stress syndrome. This presents as nerve tingling ,pain and weakness in the arm and wrist- and is regularly misdiagnosed. The "problem" is the Median nerve, which leaves the Cervical Vertebrae ,moves through the shoulder and branches to become our nerve in question . The nerve winds through some tight areas ,down through the arm and elbow (where it is routed very close to the surface-giving you the "funny bone" reaction when bumped just right) then into the carpal area of the wrist. True Carpal Tunnel restriction does happen, however- in most cases the problem originates much higher up in the neck and shoulder....

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